I’ve been an entrepreneur in the home based business arena for nearly 19 years, 14 of those in the direct sales industry with a team spanning 14 countries.

My wife Brenda and I became involved in the industry by accident. We were both happy in regular jobs, and to be honest, when you’re working 100+ hours a week the last thing I was looking for was another business. However, the products looked incredible and being numbers people we pulled the pay plan and system apart and couldn’t see how we could fail.

But where do you start when you have not sales / marketing experience and have a limited circle of influence who also don’t have sales / marketing experience? For us it was a huge learning curve and a mindset shift moving from employee to business owner / team leader. What saved us was our mindset from the get go which was one of “failure is not an option”. You tag that to persistence and take action and at some point you win and that’s how it happened for us.

Fast forward part of that success was developing some new but key skill sets, and one of those is website design and blogging, and with the rapid societal changes bought about by technology and pandemics these skill sets are more important than ever.

As an independent WordPress web designer. I can code a site as well as use visual builders.

What I can do for you is:

  • Maintain your website

  • Review your existing website, and help improve it

  • Optimise your website for Google as part of the (re)design

  • Translate your business idea into a website, start-to-finish