Have you ever considered building your business online, or extending your current business to the internet…irrespective of how you build, the same axiom holds true – people buy from people they know, like, and trust. The key to this is exposure. I had some great training on how to achieve this using Facebook recently which I’d like to pass on. Broadly speaking the concepts hold true regardless of your media preference.

Firstly, here’s the fastest ways to get more likes and shares on your Facebook fan (business) page

Always have 2 ads running

  • A “Post engagement” ad or “boost” the post ad
  • A “Likes” ad to get new likes to your page

Your daily routine

  • Schedule posts the night before
  • Schedule between 3 – 6 posts throughout the following day and night
  • Each morning respond to questions /comments / other engagement on your page and posts
  • Have one page posts engagement ad running for your page – check your stats

How to structure your status updates

  • The most important thing to remember with marketing is it’s about your audience, not you
  • Always personalise your posts
  • Tell your story – why the post / link / quote is meaningful to you and therefore relevant to them
  • Add in a related quote to your description
  • Ask a question
  • Keep it brief
  • Always have a call to action, i.e. post on purpose

Engaging status updates – what to post

Facebook changes it’s mind, sometimes it favours videos, sometimes images, sometimes plain words, so, post a mix of them all:

  • Short engaging and relevant videos – by far the most powerful way of gaining exposure online and getting that “know, like, and trust” factor
  • Motivational quotes, either words or images
  • Links to articles
  • Just plain words can work if well structured

Great places to find ideas for updates

  • Get idea from other peoples pages (don’t copy)
  • Other peoples blogs (don’t copy)
  • Post planner
  • Re-post a post you’ve used in the past
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Webinars
  • Live events

So lets look at these in more detail


  • Keep it brief (1 – 2 minutes)
  • It needs to solve a problem
  • Start of your video stating why someone should watch (what is going to be in it for them)
  • Have a call to action

Motivational Quotes

  • Best to create your own (use canva.com)
  • Search for a relevant and meaningful quote
  • Personalise the post in your status update
  • Why it’s meaningful to you, why have you posted it.

Ideas for links

  • Having your own blog and creating posts is best
  • Look to other relevant blogs for ideas
  • Always have a call to action at the bottom of a post with a link to click or other action to take
  • Can also post links to other relevant and engaging posts

Ideas for “just words” updates

  • This or that questions
  • The first / best / worst I ever…
  • If I had to give up…..
  • A straight forward but relevant recommendation
  • Asking for peoples opinion in other ways
  • Run a quiz

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